Make your voice heard!

Have Your Voice Heard Through Writing

I went to Borders the other day and the truth sunk in — Thousands upon thousands of books stacked up. How will mine ever get found? When I finish it,

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Inspired Christmas Lights

The moment you decide to try the easiest way to decorate your home/garden this Christmas- using laser lights- is the first step in getting a big weight out of your

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How to Move Your Cakes

First thing to do when you want to move your cake in another place is to make sure it’s constructed on a sturdy base- this means at least three thick

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Path Plans

My eyelids are heavy. Today was a very productive day, but equally tiresome. Funny how once I decided to quit my job and pursue writing, mysterious doors (and windows) began

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Inspired mornings

Good morning, everyone. I am hunched in front of my computer, and have a really intense coffee breath, making it a great moment to write. I took several pictures a

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